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Lyndy's Foods is a Colorado company specializing in Lyndy’s Green Chile and Salsas.

We are so proud to deliver our tasty, fresh and healthy green chili sauces, salsas and mixes from our kitchen to your home, from our family to your family - and we ship world-wide!

Who is Lynn?



What would become Lyndy's Foods was actually created over 20 years ago when Lynn Schriener began serving her signature Green Chile to her family. Over the years, her family, friends, and a growing legion of fans encouraged her to share her love, her passion, and her Green Chile with the world. And so, in 2014 she did just that.

Venturing into a complete career change, Lynn established Lyndy’s Foods and began selling Lyndy’s Green Chile (gluten free and vegan) in three delicious flavors (mild, medium, and hot) at farmers markets, fairs, and boutiques across Colorado. Salsas, instant mixes, and spice blends soon followed and the response, especially from the vegan community, was overwhelming – Lynn never dreamed that so many people would be eating her fine and fiery creations! Fast forward a few years and Lyndy’s award-winning recipes can now be found in grocery chains, and restaurants.

What We Are Proud Of



People love Lyndy’s Green Chile, and the 2018 SCOVI Award judges do too!

In our first ever SCOVI competition Lyndy’s HOT Green Chile was awarded 1st Place, and Lyndy’s MILD Green Chile was awarded 3rd place.

While we are proud of the awards and accolades and attention that Lyndy’s Green Chile has received, what we love most is the feedback we receive from our customers. It’s the simple pleasure of knowing that people love the products we are so passionate about making. So, whether you catch up to us “slingin” green chili at a farmer’s market, your favorite local store, or a fair, or just want to drop us a note online, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your Lyndy’s experience, share your recipes, or just hello!

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